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Income Taxes

Income Tax. Let us help you prepare your returns. VRC Accounting, Elizabeth, N.J.

Income Tax. Let us help you prepare your returns. VRC Accounting, Elizabeth, N.J.

Federal and state tax laws are complicated and changing continually for individuals and businesses alike. Our knowledge and experience in the preparation of income tax returns for individuals, partnerships, regular corporations, S corporations and the most popular form of business structure: Limited Liability Company, assures that all laws are applied correctly and accurately so that the proper refund or liability is calculated in every instance. As a certified public accountant and former enrolled agent, we are required to be up to date with the tax laws by participating in continuing education courses in taxes, accounting, auditing and other relevant areas of the profession.

We will offer workshops to groups to share information regarding the proper planning for the tax implications of individual decisions about retirement savings and other asset accumulation programs. These seminars will also assist business owners in relevant decisions to remove worries over tax consequences related to financial transactions.

As a certified public accountant, Cabrera can represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service and the State of New Jersey.

Our firm looks at taxes from the point of view of the individual and business taxpayer. Rather than just consider taxes right before the deadlines, we look at the entire year. We help you plan. For example, the time to take a hard look at your tax liability is not after January 1. It is all year, but especially in the fall before taxes are due. Because it is the actions you take then that can alter your tax liability to your benefit.

For example, let’s say your business has had your best year yet. More revenue means more taxes. If you plan, you can use the tax laws to your advantage. If you are considering buying new computers for your entire office in the first quarter, it might benefit you to purchase them in the fourth quarter of the year before. The business deductions for this new equipment will lower your taxable income for this banner year.

By thinking ahead, we can help you make the right decisions for your business.

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